Meet Catoura was born in 2012 out of Catherine’s desire to share with the world her loves for fashion, beauty, and her own unique lifestyle. What began as a hobby has become nearly a full-time job; the site has grown beyond anything Catherine would have imagined. Through the blog, and an assortment of other popular social media platforms, you may join Catherine as she delves into topics ranging from current trends and styles to where to go and what to eat in the great city of Atlanta. 

She loves thrifting and shopping on a budget, and strives to teach her friends and fans the skills that help her stay glam without breaking the bank. Catherine’s aim is always to share her thoughts on trends, while pushing viewers to chart their own unique paths to style and life. She has always been an avid nail polish aficionado, shoe lover, and Atlanta explorer. At heart, Catherine is a southern city girl with a heart full of love and a closet full of style.

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