Happy Monday y'all! Well, another lovely weekend came to end, and I already can't wait for the next one. This past weekend I decided to go ahead with my plans to purchase a new phone. I admit it, I'm an Apple lover (sorry but not sorry Android lovers); so, I purchased the iPhone6. I decided I'd upload some of my favorite (often random) photos from my previous phone in remembrance. I hope y'all enjoy the endless amounts of selfies, food pics, and whatnots. Have a wonderful week :D 

 Yes, I stop to take a pic every time I see a breath-taking sunset! 
My kind of afternoon; just chilling at the coffee shop :)

 This picture makes me laugh every time! Gill and I plus some random cute Italian guy we met a party one time. 
 Home of the Braves!

Never realized how OCD I am when it comes to packing.

 A little Motivational Monday! 
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