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One Colorful Spring!

Glamour Magazine asked the question: when it comes to NEON, how far do you go? 
At first, I was a little nervous about adding neon to my typical wardrobe of more subtle, standard colors. Yet, when I did I fell in love with the overall look. This spring the 80’s neon color collection is taking over the fashion world. Literally!!! I absolutely love the bright color trend, but I did not want to overdo it by making myself look like a colorful piñata.

For starters, just trying the neon look by adding hints of neon to your usual outfits seems to work best. It can be anything from a bold belt, a bright purse, a flashy scarf, or even jazzy jewelry. The fuchsia dress that I am wearing in the pictures below was just too plain by itself, so I added an energetic color to vamp it up.  My favorite way of trying the new neon trend with my outfit was a neon-blue belt paired with a small neon-blue clutch to add an extra bright touch without over doing it. 

I wore a pair of nude stilettos to emphasize my touch of neon without detracting from it. Adding that little splash of neon to your outfit is an easy way to take on the 2013 spring trend.  At the end of the day girls just wanna have fun!
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Guess
Clutch: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlie’s
Bracelet: Macy’s
Belt: Forever 21

Monochrome: Fashion Faux Pas or Stylishly Splendid?

Monochrome does not have to be a scary word. Some people see this and shudder at the thought of a bland outfit, decked out in a single color. Au contraire, monochromatic outfits can be much sassier than you think. Monochromatic doesn't explicitly mean one color as in a single shade; instead, it means one color in ALL of its various shades.

Now, the trick is to piece together and outfit of a certain color with shades that complement one another. I went with a blue them, incorporating a royal, pure-blue top with a coral skirt. I topped it off with some elegant statement pieces for my jewelry selection. I went with more neutral, less invasive colors such as white or deeper blues so as not to overdo the look or detract from the outfit itself. The purse was one from a previous outfit, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to make its return. It is not easy to lay out what shades of a particular color family go well together. It is sort of a look that requires some trial-and-error in front of the mirror for a bit, but when you have it you will know!

Try contrasting darks with lights, and avoid any two shades that are too close on the color spectrum together. In the case of blues, don't try to mix baby-blue with coral... That is a BIG no-no... Instead, go with a navy or royal-blue, and then complement it with that lighter shade. the contrast makes each piece stand out on its own, while still tying the overall outfit together with the monochrome theme. Experiment and find you perfect combo, and never again be afraid to keep narrow down your look to a single color group!

Flower by Drew Barrymore

I stopped at Wal-Mart last night in search of a CoverGirl nail polish; I ended up not finding it, much to my disappointment. All was not lost, though, as something caught my eye... A brand new cosmetics line!!! It was the adorable packaging that truly drew me in. This pretty line of products is called FLOWER, created by famed actress Drew Barrymore. I ended up purchasing a few of her products; perhaps I would find some new must-haves in this collection. Typically, whenever celebrities come out with a line of products, they can come off as a little pricey. Barrymore's prices, on the other hand, were incredibly reasonable.  The affordability made me smile bright with joy!

The first products I reached for were, of course, the lip butters. I picked out two shades of lip butters, called "Tempting Tulip" and "Princess and the Peony," just to try them out. I started to notice that all of these lovely items were named after flowers, hence the brand-name. All of the products were very nicely packaged, with lots of gold embellishments and accents.

I was very impressed with the lip butters. Coincidentally, my lips that night were chapped, so when I applied the creamy lip butter I noticed my lips where noticeably, and satisfyingly, smoother. I've tried many lip butters in my life, but these flowery darlings were not only moisturizing and creamy, but also amazingly pigmented. It's like a lipstick, only better!

I also picked up a lip-gloss as well,  and was just as pleased as with the lip butters. This beautiful, rosy pink is perfect for the new spring season, and has the extra-cute name, "Iris I Could Fly." All of her lip-glosses have nice shines and colors.

Lastly, I purchased two nail polishes to add to my already expansive collection; this here is a girl who cannot resist a pretty polish! I picked two shades: one a coral color and the other a more turquoise-like, mint-green. The coral was named "What's the Daffodilly-O?," while the mint was named "Thistle or That?."

For all of the cosmetics lovers out there in search of something new, these beauties are available exclusively at your local Wal-Mart!

Here's Drew Barrymore's Website:

Manicure Monday: Mint Sorbet

It's the return of MINT GREEN for spring! I am in love with EVERYTHING mint-green, and am happy to announce that I found the perfect shade to display on my nails. I say "Yes please," to Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet!

LOOKBOOK: Happy St Patrick's Day!

 Top: Mereno by Target 
Jeans: Guess 
Nude Flats: Steve Madden 
Purse: Kathy Van Zealand 
Bracelet and Necklace: Ebay