March Favorites

Where did the time go this March?!?!? It's already time for another Catoura's Monthly Favorites. This past month, I've been obsessing over seven items ranging from makeup to my favorite book. I truly love March, mainly for the fact that it's Persian New Year's and my college spring break! I had plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself, and you can bet I took full advantage. What were your favorites from March? 

I have been wearing this beauty with basically all my outfits this month, and I still can't believe how much it cost me... Only $5! Yes, believe it! I was running some errands at Wal-Mart, and I happened to check out their jewelry section. As I was looking around my eye was caught by a wall of statement necklaces. Who'd have know Wal-Mart was necklace heaven? The price of all the beauties neatly arranged on that wall ranged from $5 to $10. This particular necklace happened to be one of the $5 pieces. I was amazed by the quality of it, and it shows that Wal-Mart has definietly stepped up in their jewelry department. 

For the longest time I've been on a hunt to find the best eye makeup remover available. I finally ended up purchasing one from Sephora (for $20... No beuno). I personally don't like oily eye makeup removers, but this one from L'Oreal happens to be the best match for me. It even removes my waterproof mascara and eyeliner without leaving an oily residue behind. 

This buttery goodness is definitely a lip gloss fanatic's must-have! I adore it, and I will most likely repurchase once it's run out. The color I wore throughout this month was called "Dolly Girl," and it's the perfect shade of glossy, hot pink. It really makes your lips stand out without feeling sticky, leaving just the right amount of gloss. 

The smooth finish foundation by Laura Mercier really does give your skin that flawless finish. I love this foundation, even if it's a tad on the pricier side. I love how it gives me a smooth, flawless look with out causing my make up to appear caked on. With the weather getting warmer, I really don't want my skin looking cakey at all. 

If you're a girly girl who loves the color pink, like me, then you would love this polish by OPI. This gorgeous nail polish even has the word pink in its name: "I Think In Pink." I have been wearing this polish nonstop this month, and I may even continue wearing it in the month of April. The nail polish is a light shade, with just a hint of nude tones. This is a perfect polish for a job interview, just to give an example. 

I'm by no means a dry shampoo kind of girl, but there are times when my hair just needs a break from real shampoo (mainly because it drys my hair out). I usually use dry shampoo on days that I don't wash my hair (which is basically every other day). This product not only smells good, but helps get rid of the excess natural oils in my hair. 

Earlier this month I was drinking my coffee at Barnes& Nobles Cafe, when decided to walk around and look at some books. I came across this book by JoJo Moyes, and started reading it right there in the store. I ended up reading through five entire chapters before actually purchasing the book. That's how much I loved this romantic story-line. If you're a fan of romance, then you will love her books! 

15 Gorgeous Nail Colors for Spring

Springtime is a wonderful time for fashion! One of the hot trends this season is to sport toned down versions of nudes and typically bright colors. Lower the intensity a bit by cooling down colors like neons, baby pink, and fiery reds; instead, go with an elegant rose or yellow tone for a classy, polished look this spring. Don't be afraid to turn up the class by toning down the color!

Click on your favorite colors for more details: 

Lemon Yellow

Hello Sunshines! Ready to brighten up your wardrobe this spring? Add a splash of yellow to your outfits... No, not mustard yellow, but a beautifully vibrant lemon yellow. If you don't like wearing bright colors (like myself, lover of all things black) try wearing a dash of yellow; something a bit simpler like a belt or even some subtle yellow jewelry. Now, just a little warning: there is a such thing as over doing it with this color, so minimize your yellowness to one or two items. Below are a few of my favorite lemon yellow pieces. Let go of your darker yellow tones from fall, and embrace some lemon yellow in your spring closet! Lemon Yellow

Kelly Green

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! To celebrate this always fun holiday, I decided to sport a kelly green top I've been holding onto. To spruce up the look, I paired it with a black and white striped skirt, a classy pair of black heels, and a gold clutch. What better way to ring in the holiday than with a fashionable look incorporating green and gold? I hope everyone has had a blast being Irish for a day, and I hope each of you sported a little something green!

//Top: Ross (similar here) // Skirt: Ebay // Watch: Michael Kors // Heels: Michael Kors // Clutch: Forever21 (similar here ) // 

Subtle Skirt Sophistication

    Spring is right around the corner, and with it too comes allergy season (it's such a love/hate relationship with this season). It’s warming up here in Atlanta, but not nearly quick enough for my tastes. I'm really looking forward to a change from this cold winter weather, and a chance to break out some of my spring fashions! For today’s look I decided to wear this lovely skirt; it’s been sitting in my closet for the longest time and needed to be shared with the world at last. I wanted to make this fun skirt the focal point of the overall outfit; to do that, I paired it with a gray, lace-detailed top and my favorite jet-black leggings for a warmer feel. 

    This outfit is what I call a “transitional” look; perfect for the last stages of the winter season, but ushering in the look and feel of spring time. I wore long black boots to help accentuate my legs to make them appear longer, which worked especially well paired with the black leggings. I also, as usual, had to add a dash of sparkle to my attire! To meet this need, I went with an exquisite statement necklace from the Eva Mendes line at NY&C. I hope you find that gorgeous skirt your obsessed with, that way you can build your own transitional outfit to break in the coming spring! Have a beautiful day loves.

What I’m Wearing

Top: New York &Company (Sold Out)
Skirt: Macy’s (Similar Here)
Leggings: H&M (Similar Here
Boots: Ross (Similar Here
Necklace: New York & Company Here

TBT: Beach Life

Well, all this frigid Atlanta weather lately has me yearning for the days of my summer vaca. It has me reminiscing about the warm sun and sandy beaches of Panama City, Florida, where my family and I (along with my boyfriend, Brian) went to spend a lovely few days by the sea. Let's take it back to those oh-so fun times...

Upon arrival, the first thing we did was put on our bathing suits and head straight to the beach. I, as usual, tanned for a bit before heading into the water; there's nothing like cooling down in those ocean waves. Later that evening we drove to Pier Park for some yummy Italian ice, which is the perfect treat after a long day at the beach. To top it off, we took a relaxing ride on a vintage-style Ferris wheel, where we were able to see all of PCB! The next day we went to an undeveloped island owned by the Florida State Parks, Shell Island, to go snorkeling. If you haven't gone snorkeling, you should do so as soon as possible. I am so glad we did it! It was like diving into an aquarium, where we could watch and even touch the little schools of fishes. Maybe next time we will try to go scuba diving! We wrapped up the day by eating tons and tons of seafood, specifically platters of blackened shrimp. 

On Saturday, we once again hit the beach. I just love sitting on the soft sand while reading my magazines, soaking up sunshine, and listening to the crashing waves. It was such a relaxing day. That night we drove around town and took some pictures, like tourists tend to do. Afterwards, my dad took us to a fancy restaurant with a stunning beach-front view, all while the sun was setting. We, again, enjoyed our huge plates of delicious seafood. Let me tell you, I have never eaten so much seafood in my life from blackened shrimp to grilled fish. The last full day of our beach vacation had come to an end, though not before we all went out for a few awesome laps of go-kart riding! It featured two spiraled, wooded tower tacks that really added an old school feel to the experience! The final morning, right before the nasty storm came rolling in, Brian and I went to take some final picture; we even took time to have breakfast on the beach. I'm going to miss those waves and sands, but hopefully it won't be long until next time! Overall, I couldn't ask for a better vacation.

Wishful Wednesday: Airbrush System

       Happy Hump Day everyone! Welcome to a new segment on Catoura; I introduce to you Wishful Wednesdays! This segment is basically things I want in the future, or things I happen to be randomly day-dreaming about. We've all had those moments where we are window-shopping, and that item we'd just die to own; maybe it's that new Prada bag or,like today's item, an airbrush machine. Every time I start to apply layers of makeup, I always say to myself that I wish I had an airbrush kit! How convenient and awesome would that be? This particular airbrush kit is by Belletto Studio. If you're interested in purchasing this beauty for yourself, it's actually on sale for $150 (I know it's still pricey, but it was originally valued at $380...Yikes). The great thing about it is that it's travel friendly too! What are some items your wishful for lately?