A Day at the Farm

This past weekend, Brian and I spontaneously drove to the outskirts of Loganville, Georgia to enjoy an amazing fall day at the the farm. They had pumpkin patches, hayrides, and a corn maze dedicated to Chipper Jones (Braves soon to be Hall of Famer). Since it was a such warm, beautiful day we decided to go through the corn maze almost right away. We eventually gave up halfway in both because I ended up getting really tired and we got very lost... Guess we should have paid more attention to the map! We grabbed some chili cheese fries for an afternoon snack, and a caramel apple to top things off; it's not officially fall without such a festive dessert. I am absolutely in love with all things fall, and I'm just taking it all in while it lasts. Great weather, fun events, gorgeous scenery, what more could you ask for? Driving back from the farm was so peaceful, with plenty of miles spent just looking out at golden hills of grass. Oh fall... You should come by more often!