Vaseline Moisturizing Body Gel Review

 Vaseline Moisturizing Body Gel (Cocoa Butter) is a perfect addition to any girl's beauty product collection. It is basically an oil and a gel all-in-one. Vaseline has an amazing lineup of skin products in general, but this one holds a particular place of honor in my collection. The cocoa butter is great for any skin type, acting as a natural moisturizer. It also helps that cocoa butter is a fantastic antioxidant! Use of this product will leave your skin glowing and feeling refreshed. I was hesitant at first, assuming the product was greasy, but was I ever wrong. It is actually far from it, and can be used either all over your body or just in particular areas where you want to focus on.

After tanning, use this product to lock in that tan and make it stand out. I personally like applying this product on my legs and shoulders to make them stand out more. I am not ashamed to admit that I feel like I have Carrie Underwood's legs after using this product, lol. This product is frequently used by pageant girls, and can give you the same great shine they are looking to achieve. This product is available at most stores, especially drugstores. Be careful to use a small amount when applying it, about a pea or dime-sized amount; this will also guarantee that it lasts much longer. If you've been using baby oil for this effect, set it aside... This product is amazing, and much better that a standard bottle of baby oil any day!

The Classic Maxi Dress

Black, White & A Dash of Pink

Top: Forever 21 
Skirt: Target 
Shoes: Cato 
Purse: Chanel 
Watch: Michael Kors 
Glasses: Dolce and Gabbana
Necklace : Etsy

Manicure Monday: Bikini So Teeny

Lately, I’ve been on the search to find the perfect shade of blue nail-polish to wear this spring. I finally found it, and I’m totally obsessed with it. The name of the polish is so cute: Bikini So Teeny by Essie. 

LOOKBOOK: Tribal Flare

The easiest way to add some tribal flare to your style is with a pair of sassy high heels. Chunky heels with a wild pattern really help to emphasize one's look, regardless of how plain or simple an outfit might seem.  It’s a great statement piece to make your look complete. Brand new tribal styles to look out for include those that incorporate bright hues and culturally-inspired patterns into their designs. Patterns, colors and prints are a huge part of the entire tribal look. This can easily be a great summer look as well! I wore a plain, ivory-colored shirt along with navy blue shorts; to spice up the tribal look, I accessorized with beaded jewelry. I specifically chose colors that went along with my shoes, such as coral, ivory, and light-pastel pink. Go ahead and add some tribal to your style. Let your wild side out, and embrace your new tribal chic look! 

Bracelet: Dillards
Necklace: Bought it at a Festival
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21

Colorful Jeans Are Back For Spring

Many of you know that colored jeans are a huge trend this spring, from short-shorts to cigarette-inspired skinny jeans. So, lately I’ve been obsessed with colored jeans! You can come up with so many outfit ideas with this affordable trend alone.  

Most ladies always stick to the basic blue and black jean, but I think investing in colored jeans is actually a good investment. The style offers a playful look to your everyday outfits, and you can easily dress it up as needed with a nice blouse or something as simple as a basic t-shirt. I like to pair bright denim with a colorful top; an equally bold blouse creates a fun color-block effect.

Wearing colored jeans is a good way to be more trendy and funky, plus it adds color to your wardrobe. So ladies be brave, and take a risk on this hot style. Get some new bright jeans today; after all fashion is all about taking risks! Here are some of my favorite styles that I like focus around my bright jeans, which I purchased my jeans from Target for $24.99! Here are Three ways I styled my colored jeans.
Sophisticated Chic: 
(Date Night) - Here I’m wearing a black ruffled top to create a more sophisticated look which is great for date nights. To add a bit of an edge, I accessorized with a studded-jeweled purse; I threw some arm candy in the form of my black watch with a chunky bangle. A nice pair of black stilettos adds a sexy touch to finish the look. 

Like What You See Here Is The Shopping List
Purse: Charming Charlie
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Cato
Watch: Guess
Bracelet: New York and Company 

Preppy Chic: 
(Girls Night Out) - Since color-blocking is a huge trend I decided to focus this look around my pairing of bright-blue jeans with a hot-pink chiffon blouse. To accentuate my curves a little more I wore a bright-blue skinny belt. For the accessories, I wore neutrals so I wouldn’t look like a painting. 

 Like What You See Here Is The Shopping List
Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Handbag: Michael Kors
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Skinny Belt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Francesca’s 

Casual Chic: 
(Everyday Look) - In this look I wore a tan knitted vest with my bright blue jeans; this pairing makes the jeans stand out a bit more. I added in a pair of patterned shoes to complete the overall look, while carrying a very neutral day-bag to make it a bit more casual.

Like What You See Here Is The Shopping List 
Vest: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Purse: Kathy Van Zealand
Nude Tank Top: Mossimo by Target

Don't be shy find your favorite colored jeans and rock'em! My favorite color that I chose is the bright baby blue jeans. 

 Here are some celebrity inspired looks: