Friday Favorites

  • Fall Boots
I have been obsessed with my new brown boots that I recently bought at Target. I just fell in love with the rich brown color. It goes well with most of my fall styles and outfits. Plus, the added gold embellishments make them appear more expensive than they really were. They were only $40, and the quality of the boots is absolutely superb!

  • Pumpkin Spice with an Artistic Twist
After my classes for the day ended, I quickly jumped over to my favorite coffee shop right in the heart of the city. The place is called "Octane," and a must-visit for all of the coffee lovers out there who find themselves in Atlanta. The coffee not only tastes delcious, but it also looks beautiful. A little twist they add, which you may have seen something similar online or elsewhere, is that they draw in your cup of coffee using the foamy top layer. Recently, it seems, I've been drinking nothing but Pumpkin Spice. Of course I have, as there is no better way to welcome fall!
  •  Mango Manifest
Another drink I've been hooked on, especially after a a successful gym sesh, is MangoFest by Smoothie King. I'm a huge sucker for anything mango, delicious and healthy. It's just a cup full of yummy goodness!
  • Artist of the Week:
ZZ Ward is fantastic. I heard her on Pandora for the first time this week, and fell in love with her catchy rhythms!

TBT: You, Me & A Cup of Tea

It's TBT! Almost a year ago, my beautiful friend, Fatima, took me to a cute little place in Atlanta to have a cup of tea. It was not just your average meet up; it was a tea party! I really enjoyed my time at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party it kind of made me feel like I was in "Alice in Wonderland". The best part of my tea party adventure was spending some time with Fatima. We sipped tea for hours and munched on some yummy treats too. This place is magical and if you're a tea lover you should totally take the time to visit this place.

Catoura's Closet: Black Blazer

I'm excited to announce that I'm adding a new edition to my blog called "Catoura's Closet." Every Wednesday I'll be posting items that are from my closet, or trends that I see in the fashion world, that are must-haves. Of course, these must-haves will include closet classics as well. This week's first piece is a fitted black blazer; it's a simple clothing piece that every girl should have in her closet. You can wear it to work, for an afternoon of shopping, or on an evening date-night. I love wearing it with a pair of classy blue jeans, a button up top, and my riding boots; this gives it a more casual, chic look. I purchased my black blazer from J. Crew, and the high-quality of the piece will definitely last me for years to come. I tend to get many of my blazers fitted or altered to give them a more polished look; stay away from loose, baggy, or frumpy blazers. A black blazer is a must, and you'll see how well you can pair it with just about any look this season!

New Ways To Wear A Scarf

The other day, I Instagramed a photo of myself wearing one of my many scarves (I have a slight addiction that starts up every fall). I wanted to try something a little different to add some flair to the typical scarf look, so I searched on Pinterest for different ways to tie a one. There are literally hundreds of ways you tie a simple scarf! My favorite style (as seen in my Instagram picture) is what I call the "infinity knot." The directions on how to get this beautiful look are shown below, along with a couple of other options. Thank you Pinterest! Happy Tuesday everyone, and I hope you enjoy some new ways to rock those scarves while the weather cools down!!!

Manicure Monday: Bahama Mama

Ah it that time of year to bring out your darker shades of nail polish and explore the world of fall fashion and beauty. Fall is definitely my favorite season! I love the darker shades of nail polishes out there and I'm constantly discovering new ones as well. Last season I wore "Bahama Mama" by Essie like non stop. It was and still is my fave polish. So I decided what not better to start off fall by wearing this color. It's such transitional color especially from summer to fall. I love how one can wear this chic color with the everyday fall outfits. This polish is a must have in a nail polish collectors collection (wow say that five times). It's definitely a pretty burgundy color. 

A Day In The City Takes Shape

Today was definitely a busy day for me! The first, and most crucial, thing I did was grab my SB coffee. After the coffee kicked in, I headed to a photo shoot for the American Heart Association (can't wait to see how the pictures turned out). Right after the shoot, I headed to Macy's for another special event (I have loved every one of these I've attended so far). I was invited to attend an event that they were hosting in conjunction with SHAPE magazine. I got the chance to interview Jeanette Jenkins who is a Hollywood trainer (she actually trained one of my favorite artists: Kelly Rowland). I love her positive attitude about all things fitness; after seeing her body, she instantly became my new gym motivation!


Last, but certainly not least, I had an amazing conversation with the Editor of SHAPE magazine, Bahar Takhtehchian. She's so down-to-earth and very sweet; plus, she is Persian just like me! I don't get the chance to see powerful Persian women that often, so when I do I tend to get really excited. 

After this wonderful fitness event, I headed to Virgina Highlands to wind down my evening before heading home. I ate a delicious meal at Murphy's. The place is filled with as many types of wine as you can imagine, and plenty of options of fresh and organic meals to divulge in. For dessert, I went to Paolo's Gelato just around the corner from the restaurant to grab a small cup of pistachio gelato. In case you are wondering, this place is as authentic as it comes... Mmmmm, yummy goodness! The gelato flavors there are made from scratch with fresh and natural ingredients everyday. If you ever find yourselves in Atlanta, you MUST try it.

I hope y'all are having your own amazing weekends, and are making the most of what's left before the week ahead!