Catoura Lookbook: My Signature Style

Everyone has that look… The one that is simply YOU! It is the style that people associate you with most in your day-to-day life. I present you with what I consider my signature look: I prefer dark colors with contrasting metallics, topped off with elegant accessories and a stylish, upscale purse. Now, the whole purpose of this segment is to entice and urge all of you out there to find YOUR look… What makes you who you are in fashion and style sense? What do you like in terms of colors, types of jewelry, type of look (Bohemian, upscale, preppy, etc.), hairstyle, and so on?

The key piece in my ensemble that I want to reflect on is my purse. It is a Chanel purse that my friend likes to refer to as a “wallet with a chain on it” since it is a bit small and has… Well… A chain on it J! The whole point is that I LOVE that purse; it just has that it factor to me. In my eyes, it is the perfect way to top of that look that I consider my own. I hope that all of you can find this piece in your own wardrobe. Do you have a purse or necklace that you’d simply die without, maybe a pair of shoes you hold sacred, or even a top or dress that you can never let go of?

Use that piece, and build your look around it; when it comes to YOUR signature look, no fashion magazine (as much as we might love and adore them) can ever tell you what YOUR look is. They may have the latest trends of the fashion world at large, but they might not have YOUR trend. DO you, and you will always be happier in the end. Take any advice you like, be it from Cosmo, Glamour, or even my blog, and use that as you will to create your style.

Be fashion forward in your own way, and wear that look that makes everyone who sees you scream: “That look is so… YOU!” Have fun with it, experiment, and be patient… The perfect “you-look” doesn’t always come together overnight!

    Catherine C.

Purse: Chanel
Skirt: Forever 21
Top: White House Black Market
Shoes: Rack Rooms
Jewelry: Charming Charlies  

When a Leopard Gets a Tan

Here is one of my favorite products for the season! It’s called “When a Leopard Gets a Tan” by NYX.  It compares pretty well with the Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder, a product of about twice the price!!! I prefer the NYX product not only thanks to the better pricing, but also because it has just the right amount of shimmer to give you that perfect glowing look and pinkish hue you want to liven up those cheeks.  

V-Day Nails Lovie Dovie by Essie

I picked up this nail polish at Target the other day, and totally fell in love with it. It was sitting there all alone when until I swept it away. This polish has Valentine's Day written all over it! Essie named this polish "Lovie Dovie." Oh, such a lovely name, and fitting since it so splendidly seemed to represent V-Day! The color is sort of in between a hot, neon pink and light pink. I love wearing this polish to really make my nails pop. Go ahead and wear this polish for you Valentine's Day festivities, and I promise your date will not be able to stop staring at them, lol. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! As always, I love all of my Catoura fans, and thank you tremendously for all of your support.

Beauty On a Budget

We all know high-end makeup can be VERY expensive... So, I'm making this blog post to show everyone that Drugstore makeup can be just as good; sometimes you truly pay for just a simple name. I've been using drugstore makeup since I entered middle school. I knew my mom would not buy me an expensive lip-gloss, regardless of my please. Truthfully, it really wasn't necessary for me, as a middle schooler, to use high-end products. 

My Everyday Drugstore Collection
   As I entered high school, I got my first job working as a hostess, though the pay was not exactly phenomenal... Even so, I managed to save my money up in order to buy myself one high-end product per month. Even with my slowly accumulating collection of fancy, high dollar products I noticed I still ran back to my good-old drugstore products. The reason was simple: they were a lot more affordable; if you needed a new item or a replacement for a favorite, there was no need to rush to your local bank for a loan, lol. 

Here are some of my favorite drugstore products, maybe you'll see some you enjoy or may come to enjoy: 

Your Lashes Dazzle Me

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe they’re really hers. Yes I was born with great lashes, and I feel blessed to have them. The one thing I love about myself is my lashes, (I know, a bit weird). The best compliment I’ve ever gotten at work was from a little elderly lady who was really mesmerized by my eyes, especially my eyelashes. She said, “Your lashes dazzle me,” hence why I named this blog post after her compliment lol. Mascara is the key to great lashes, and it comes in different brush sizes, colors and even different types (such as voluminous). I seldom wear false lashes because when you remove them the sticky glue can rip off a couple of your own lashes. Trust me, it is pretty painful! I make sure to only wear the false lashes on special occasions like girls’ night out or date night. The majority of the time I wear plain, old-fashioned mascara to give me the classic look I desire for my lashes.  I just wanted to show you what products I use on daily basis to get those pretty lashes for yourselves, even if you’re not born with it.

Here is me with my real eyelashes. El Naturel.

And here is me with false lashes. All Glammed UP.

 Oh, the Classic Maybelline Great Lash:

This is my favorite mascara, and it was the very first type I purchased when I was a teen. I love the way this mascara gives your lashes full-coverage when applying it. I wear this mascara when I go to school or work, and it actually lasts a long time. So many good things can be said about this product; if I had to choose one thing to mention, it would be that it does not clump when you apply it. Clumping should ALWAYS be avoided! The last thing you want to have is spider toes lashes, (that’s what I call clumpy lashes, lol, shown below). You can find this mascara at any drug store, for a price of about $4.99. To all my fans out there, here’s a shopping secret: sometimes Target puts it on sale for $2.99! Add to that a coupon from the newspaper for a dollar off, and then it’s only $1.99. Now that’s a deal! 

 This is an example of clumpy eyelashes aka spider toed lashes lol 

The Shape Blew Me Away… Ulta-Brand Lash BLOW OUT

The Ulta-brand lash BLOW OUT mascara is just perfect as far as I’m concerned! I finally found a mascara that I truly love; if this ever gets discontinued it will be a day of mourning for me. When I worked at Ulta, the very first purchase I made with my employee discount was this mascara. It makes my lashes look so voluminous and full that people think I’m wearing false lashes, which I mentioned before that I seldom do. The shape of the brush is very unique, allowing me to use it on my bottom lashes as well as for my outer, corner-lashes. This helps give me a fanned-out eyelash look. The price is pretty reasonable at just about $10.00! 

If You Want to Splurge for Your Lashes, Choose Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara

Sometimes I like to invest in high-quality mascara like Estee Lauder Double Wear. The brush in this mascara is designed with a torpedo-like shape allowing you to add some of the product onto smaller lashes like those on the inner corners of the eyes. This mascara is great for people who have short lashes as it helps lengthen them. Another reason to love this mascara is thanks to it being smudge proof, (yes, I said smudge proof)!!! Now, it is very expensive, though it keeps far longer in the tube than typical mascara. It also has far better results than any of the chemist-brands that most are drawn to for their low price. I bought mine a Neiman Marcus for $21.00, and trust me, it’s a GREAT investment!

My 2013 Motivation

It's been a little over a month since New's Years, and I'm so proud to say that I stuck to my number one resolution. I wanted to reach my goal of getting my dream body in 2013, and I'm working extremely hard to acheive that goal. Not only was it my goal to get toned this year, but I also want to be a healthier person in general. I've noticed changes ever since I started working out a month ago. I made exercise a daily routine in my life; so much so that I sometimes feel weird to take a break for even a day or so. The motivation to excerise is different for everyone one. Some people want to fit into that perfect dress, and old pair of jeans, or any number of inspirations or driving forces. TO push myself, I bought a beautiful bikini to keep me motivated. I even hung it in my closet just so I could see it every time I went to get dressed. It serves as my reminder to fight on, to never stop gyming it!

Sometimes, I like to buy fitness magazines because it helps me find new ways eat healthier or discover new exercise routines. This summer my girlfriends and I are planning a beach trip, which is definitely another key motivation for me as well! As we all know, a beach trip assuredly involves a bikini; this gives me not only the motivation to look good in my new bikini, but also a reason to do so.

I've been taking classes at my gym like cycling, kickboxing, and Zumba (super fun by the way). I also was lucky enough to get trainer twice a week to help me learn new ab workout routines. I've been eating a lot more salads, while drinking more water as well. Soda may be hard to quit, but doing so makes a HUGE difference. I've noticed that by cutting back on all the junk food I've eaten over the past year I feel more energized in addition to just being healthier. I'm so proud of myself for having stuck to my new-body plan. Not only do I feel like I'm working towards a new body, but rather towards being a new, healthier person overall.