Fierce Winter Fur

Snow: Round 2 is here in Atlanta, but this time this city was prepared to the fullest. Literally, before it snowed they closed schools and sent everyone home from their jobs. This was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures that embodied Fierce... Sexy... Chic... All in one outfit.

I can't even begin to explain how much I adore this outfit! I was originally inspired while helping one of my clients find the perfect winter vest. At the end of our shopping extravaganza, the fabulous Rachel Roy piece we found was sold on the spot! Once you find the perfect vest, pair it up with a pair of sassy leather skinnies. Leather skinnies are so in this season, trust me! I wanted the focal point of this outfit to be the vest, so I kept everything relatively simple by wearing black.

Hint Number One: find the sensational in simple; let one piece stand out to make the outfit flawless. To add a hint of color, I wore my elegant hat from Target. Hint Number Two: to add to my first hint, a splash of color to a black outfit is an amazing way to make yourself stand out. After getting nicely (and stylishly) bundled up, it was time to check out this winter weather! Hope y'all are having a fabulous day, or snow day if you live near Atlanta!

Outfit Essentials 
Booties: Target 
Leather Skinnes: INC at Macy's 
Blouse: New York & Comp.
Leather Gloves: Bebe
Hat: Target 
Vest: New Directions 

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4 Easy Steps to Contouring Your Face

Contouring your face can be a very tricky thing. If you don't do it precisely, you can look like you just generally outlined your face. After many failed attempts, I believe I've finally nailed the proper method of contouring! The reason behind why I contour my face is to give it more of a sculpted look, and by that I mean to slim or tone my facial features. I don't contour my face every time I apply my makeup because it is a bit time consuming. I've gotten so many requests to do this post that I had to finally buckle down and give the followers what they want! So, I hope y'all enjoy it. Here are my steps to get the look! 
1. I find it works best when I put my foundation on before I do my contouring. Your foundation acts as a strong base coat during this process. Ideally, grab a concealer stick that is one to two shades brighter than your actual skin color. I like to highlight areas of my face that I want to have a brighter appearance. For example, my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose (up to the middle of my forehead), and my chin area.

2. Now, for the fun part! Use a darker shade of bronzer to outline the areas of your face that you want to have stand out. In my case it's my cheek bones; I used a slanted foundation brush to apply the bronzer. I also outline my nose... Why, you may ask? Well, it's because it gives an illusion of a slightly smaller nose.

3. Time to BLEND, BLEND, and BLEND some more. For this process I use a flat top makeup brush, mine being from E.L.F, and a beauty blender. Make sure you dampen your beauty blender with some water so the application process looks a lot smoother.

 4. Viola! You're done pretty lady! 

Products Used: 

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer Stick: Link here

Bronzer Bare Minerals Warmth: Link here

Slanted Foundation Brush: Link here

Beauty Blender: Link here

Flat Top E.L.F Makeup Brush: Link here

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That's What Country Is!

     Today could have not been a better day to go on a mini road trip to the country. Being in the city 24/7, I enjoy a little ride out to the country every so often. The sun was shining, and I knew that today was the day to go! I rolled up my jeans, put on my fave little booties, and headed out. After some time on the road, spent listening to a little Luke Bryan, I ended up at the Pendergrass Flea Market. It's been awhile since the last time I went to a flea market; I haven't really been since I was a kid. I remember pops and I would go just for fun whenever we got bored, and take in all the sights.  
Walking through the crowded booths I came across some pretty treasures; some where even handmade, which I absolutely adore. I found some beautiful photo prints of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, and Elizabeth Taylor that would look stunning hanging near my closet! 

I also picked up a unique little owl bracelet, which I found simple yet elegant. After the flea market extravaganza, I drove a couple of miles further to the city of Jefferson. I saw signs for the Crawford W. Long Museum, and I became an extremely happy girl. Sadly, the museum was closed on Sundays... Ugh, oh well! So, I took some pictures of the cute, quaint town (and the museum too... I'll definitely be back when it's open).

     As I was about to leave the town, I had to stop by at this awesome antique store called Red Hound Antique Market. This place was like antique heaven! It had all kinds of things, definitely a must-visit if you are ever in Jefferson, GA. I've been to many antique shops before, and the customer service here was superb. They even greeted us with coffee and cookies, and y'all know I'm a huge fan of coffee (the cookies were an additional plus)! Overall, this mini road trip to the country was a success. It's truly nice to get out the city every once in a while to venture out for some fresh air. I hope y'all had as fun of a Sunday as I did!  

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