Drawing from the Heart

    A year ago, in an art class, I met my friend Tammy. We immediately bonded as we laughed at each others corny jokes, and took tons of coffee breaks during our early 8am class... That lasted 3 hours!!! Our professor even enjoyed our company because we always had something to say; we were rarely the quite ones in class. When spring semester ended, Tammy and I still kept in touch. After more meetups, we soon realized we had so much more in common than we already thought. When people meet us they will often think we're sisters. She is not only an amazing friend, but also an extraordinary artist. Her designs are inspired by the art of Hena drawings. I absolutely love her work, and am sure so many others will as well! I'm also very proud of her as she reached recently reached 1,000 followers on Instagram (@paisleycraze). Y'all should definitely follow! Here are some of her pieces that I truly love:

 photo sig_zps96fc8496.png

A Southern Winter Wonderland

     Well, looks like it's time to bust out some of my favorite pea coats again because... IT'S SNOWING!!! In Georgia? That's right, the winter that's been here since December has finally given us a taste of the powdery, white snow that is synonymous with the season. Not only was I excited to sport my winter-white pea coat from Old Navy, but it was also a chance to let some of my accessory faves get some use. For the main outfit, I paired my coat with some black skinnies, and a classy pair of black, wedge boots (don't ask where I got them, I can never remember). 
     Now, onto those accessories I mentioned: I topped the look off with a white scarf from Cynthia Rowley that looks as fluffy and soft as the snow itself, and a tan, turban-inspired headband I got from Rollick Clothing Boutique. The headband is a particularly special piece, as it is beautifully designed with a beaded flower design across the front. The store I found it at, Rollick, is a small, very unique spot in the Virginia Highlands, or VaHi, area of Atlanta. This store ALWAYS has the cutest, most unique pieces, and I just cannot stay away. They are definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in the area. Well, I hope you enjoy this simple, but fun winter look. Now, I need to go play in the snow, because... It's Georgia, and this NEVER happens!


  photo sig_zps96fc8496.png

Red Wine Blazer with a Dash of Chevron

Yes, red wine indeed! What better way to describe this amazing blazer? Seriously, every time I look in my closet this piece reminds me of a glass of red wine. Clearly, I I like to give my clothes little nicknames. It's definitely an "everyday go-to outfit," especially on those days where I'm standing in front of my closet endlessly asking myself what I should wear. Pair this with a neutral top; let the blazer be focal point, and work around it.  To add a little pop, add a flashy statement scarf. In my case it's my favorite chevron-patterned scarf. I wore my oh-so comfy snake skin booties to pull the entire outfit together. Worry not animal lovers, they're not real snake skin. Don't be afraid to mix & match pieces from your closet to achieve a stunning look! I took a simple red wine blazer, and added my own flare to spice things up.

Blazer: Eva Mendes Line at NY&Comp. 
Top: Zara 
Jeans: Banana Republic 
Booties: Kenneth Cole 
Earrings: J. Crew
Watch: Michael Kors
Clutch: Forever 21  

Saturday In Review

I just wanted to take a moment to pat myself on the back for accomplishing my long list of errands today! I started the day off right by gyming it (dancing my little butt off in Zumba class). By the time I was done my stomach was growling, so I headed over to my favorite local cafe called "Local Republic." Can I just say "Oh...My...Gawd..!" Their fish tacos are to die for, with so much flavor wrapped up in one little taco; nothing like fresh, organic food to please my belly.

Sunday Social

1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?
Catoura, 2 years :)

2. Why do you blog? 

I started blogging to give myself a small break from my studies (totally a chemistry and neuroscience nerd with a dash of fashion). 
3. What is the first blog you ever followed?

Pink Peonies

4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2013?

The day I went to a pumpkin farm. It was my very first time going and now its become a tradition! 

5. What are your blogging goals for 2014?

To blog more often... I promise this time around :) 

6. Top 3 favorite blogs to follow?

My girlfran's blog y'all should check her out! messofbeautifulchaos 




Revamping My Skincare Routine

      I usually don't follow through with my resolutions, but this year I'm determined to stick to them... REALLY! One of the things on my list was to find a skincare routine which I could easily follow. I've noticed that I have way too many skincare products in my beauty cabinet. I hardly use all of them! So, I decided to do a complete product detox. I got rid of over 20 different types of products, keeping only a select few around. It's officially been five days since New Years, and I've already noticed an enormous difference in my skin. No more pimples on this girl's face! I also started to cut back on my sugar intake while drinking more water. Healthy skin is happy skin, and that's definitely what I am aiming for this year! Many of the products in my beauty cabinet are drugstore-brand with the exception of a couple. The majority of these products are a pretty affordable, helping even the frugal fashionista keep her skin radiant. Here's to a New Year and a new face!

Step 1: Remove all makeup from your face.

For a very long time now I've been using Neutrogena Makeup Removing Towelettes. The towelettes leave my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated every time. $4.99

 Step 2: Use an exfoliator twice a week.

This scrub is a classic! I even used it back in my tween years. The St. Ives Apricot Scrub is the perfect product to get rid of any dead skin leaving you looking glowing and smooth. $3.99

Step 3: Use a cleanser to wash face twice a day.

I've tried the top-notch cleansers and the bargain basement cleansers; to be honest I couldn't notice a difference. So instead I went straight to the drug store and purchased the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser... And yes, this does leave my skin feeling astoundingly fresh. $5.99

Step 4: Seal the cleanse by using a toner.

I adore Mario Badescu's skincare line. The Cucumber Cleansing Lotion toner is definitely one of my favorite must-haves for any skin routine. The toner helps lessen your breakouts, which in my case are large cratered-looking pimples. $15.00

 Step 5: Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize.

With the crazy cold, harsh weather a girl has to be careful. This weather can really damage your skin, leaving it feeling dry and cracked. I tend to use my Danielle Laroche Active Day Cream moisturizer in the morning and at night. $34.99