Eating with Catoura: Yeah! Burger and Ice Cream

My answer is always yeah for Yeah! Burger! From their delectable organic ingredients to their delicious seasoned fries, this place is my number one go-to in VaHi. I always go for the California Love burger, though I do choose a beef patty over the turkey. The avocados, arugula, and creamy Swiss cheese are the perfect toppings for a summer day. As I mentioned earlier, the fries are absolutely amazing! They use the best seasoning, and the portions are very generous. A word of advice: if you get the fries, you gotta get a side of Yeah! sauce to dip them in... Trust me ;) For my drink, I chose a Sparkling Clementine Izzy. Delish, especially for a blazing-hot afternoon in Atlanta.

If you find yourself in Virginia Highlands, or West Midtown (their other location), be sure to stop by Yeah! Burger; you'll be glad you did! For desert, I made my way over to West Midtown to check out a lovely ice cream shop I've had my eye on: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. If you are in the area, and in the mood for ice cream, this place will hit the spot! The prices are comparable to Bruster's, and a small gets you two scoops of mix-and-match flavors. They actually had flavors I never imagined existed, from "Goat Cheese with Red Cherries (trust me, it's good) to "Wildberry Lavender" (I went with this one, and LOVED it). On a hot afternoon, I couldn't think of a better way to top off a great lunchtime burger than with a couple of scoops of delicious ice cream! I hope y'all enjoyed this two-for-one edition of Eating with Catoura, and I hope you make time to check out both of these awesome eateries :)

Eating with Catoura: 10th & Piedmont

For this week's Eating with Catoura, I take you to 10th and Peidmont! Picture this: a lovely summer day, eating dinner at a small cafe on Piedmont Ave., cool breeze blowing by, food smelling divine, and with drinks oh-so refreshing! The atmosphere was wonderful, with a very modern decor throughout the restaurant. The drink selection was quite broad, with some very summery selections available. Our server's name was Jessica, and she did a fabulous job!Not only was she incredibly helpful with the drink menu, but she also took the time to clue us in on some of their must-have dishes.

I decided to go with the Chicken Pesto Flat Bread, and believe me when I tell you that it was to die for. They use juicy, fresh, blackened chicken, a perfect blend of basil and creamy mozzarella, and top it off with an amazing pesto sauce. My man decided to try their specialty: the 10P Signature Chicken & Waffles. I couldn't resist having a small bite for myself. It was, again, AMAZING!

It looked similar to a corn-dog, except with with bacon-wrapped chicken inside and a waffle covering. They offered three dipping sauces/ingredients that truly compelmented the meal: hot sauce, Georgia Sorghum syrup, and confectioner's sugar. Lastly, lest I forget, I chose to try their mango mojito; what better drink on a hot, southern summer's day? Perfect location, stellar service, unforgettable dishes, and the view of Midtown Atlanta made this place one of my new top spots. So, I don't know what you're waiting for, but you need to make it a point to check this spot out right away! I promise y'all won't regret it :)


This past weekend was filled with fun times shopping, attending events, and relaxing! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend, and have a fantastic week ahead :) Now, off to my weekend recap!
Ended my Friday night with a scoop of gelato. Thanks bestie for recommending this place :) Oh, how I miss you pistachio gelato! 

Can I just say I am obessed with my toe nail color! It's called "Love's a Beach" by China Glaze. Looks like I'll be wearing this polish for the rest of summer... <3

I don't always drink, but when I do, I prefer a mango mojito. Definitely my new favorite summer drink! 
I really don't need another purse, but come on... Look at this beauty I found at Marshalls! It's a $500 purse marked down to $300! Great discount, but still a hefty price tag :( Ugh, maybe one day... The purse is by Zac Posen; never heard of him, but he makes great purses, lol!
OMG! So, my favortie Asian bakery is coming to Midtown Atlanta! I seriously can't wait for some jasmine milk tea with boba!!!
Discovered orzo salad for the first time thanks to my man! It's soooo good! 
Hello media pass! I got the chance to attend the Dream Atlanta Project fashion show with my lovely girlfriends. Blog post coming soon :)
 Happy Fathers Day Dad! 
I truly loved my blonde hair, but it had to go after noticing some major damage. Fragile ends? No thank you! Back to my natural hair color; what do you think? :D
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Eating with Catoura

Hey y'all! It's finally Thursday, and one day closer to the weekend! I'm adding a new segment, starting every Thursday, to spice things up on the blog. This segment is all about food because who doesn't love food?!? I love visiting new places in Atlanta, especially when I need to find something yummy to eat. "Eating with Catoura" is all about Atlanta dishes. Yes, I am that girl who takes pictures of my food from multiple angles... No shame! I hope y'all enjoy the segment in the weeks to come. Here is a little snippet of what you will see starting next week
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Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

I am beyond excited for this package I just received, compliments of Victoria’s Secret and Influenster. It just so happens that its arrival was a bit of a coincidence… I was telling one of my girlfriends I really needed to purchase a new, more high-quality sports bra. It just so happens that one of the items I received in this beautiful package was a Victoria's Secret sports bra!

It's no secret that Victoria’s Secret is well known for their amazing bras. This month is actually the time of their Semi-Annual sale, in which they mark down a lot of bras and underwear. I always stock up at VS during this time, especially since the deals will be gone before you know it. Now, onto the unboxing… In the box I received one sports bra, 6 pairs of socks, and their signature tape measure. Firstly, I wore some of the socks and the sports bra to the gym to test them out... Here are my results:

Sports Bra:

  • Pros: The breathable padding helped control any sweating in that area. Sometimes when wearing a sports bra, things can feel a bit congested, so to speak, in that region. This bra gave me none of those problems, and seemed to wick away moisture quite efficiently. What I liked most about it was the adjustable back closure; it was really a snap getting in and out of this bra thanks to that clever design.  
  • Cons: The only thing I didn't like about this bra was the support; it could have been a bit better, though it wasn't awful by any means. It is, however, a medium-support bra, which works perfectly for low-impact classes like yoga. I definitely would not recommend this bra while running.

  • Pros: The socks were very breathable due to the small pores/holes throughout. They comes in bright, fun colors too, which is always a plus!
  • Cons: I didn’t really notice any cons while wearing these socks, and will likely purchase more of them in the future. 

 Thank you so much Victoria’s Secret and Influenster for letting me use and review these lovely products!
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The Weekend

Let me just say that I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time! To update, I've been extremely busy with work and studying for my exam; so much so that I just needed a break from social media and the blog. With that said, I have some exciting news to share with y'all: this girl finally purchased a DSLR camera!!! It's been too long, but it was so worth waiting for. Anyhow, here is my weekend recap: 

 Poolside bound for the majority of my weekend! Finally got a nice tan :)
Headed to Atlanta for the Virgina Highlands Summerfest... Ended up in Midtown instead. Mainly due to the rain, but overall it was a fun afternoon come rain or shine!

 Really wanted some authentic Hawaiian food, so we headed Waikiki Hawaiian Restaurant. This place is a must visit if you're in the Atlanta area. It really felt like I was in Hawaii... Maybe one day! I ordered the Pineapple Katsu Chicken; the pineapples on top added a tropical flavor that just melted in my mouth.
 On Sunday, Brian and I woke up extra early to go for a jog in the park before the day got too hot. It really is nice having someone to workout with, especially out jogging. It helps keep me motivated.

I've been eating really clean the past couple of weeks, but the key to my "eating clean" diet is that I allot myself a cheat day twice a week. So, Brian took me to the cutest cupcake cafe located in the heart of Cabbage Town: Sweet Cheats! Looks like I know where to go to on my cheat days from now on ;) Their slogan was right! The cupcake I had was so delicious, and it was totally worth it... No shame!
 Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!

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