Magnificent Macarons!

 As I was going about my Sunday in Atlanta, I found myself craving a trip to the Virginia Highlands area. With a full day ahead of me, I followed my gut and found myself surrounded by the cutest restaurants, boutiques, and antique shops Atlanta has to offer. For anyone visiting Atlanta, take time (NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!!!) to visit this beautiful neighborhood.

 One little restaurant/boutique in particular caught my attention as I walked down the beautifully landscaped streets: Cacao.
It is a small company, with locations in Buckhead and Virginia Highlands,specializing in chocolates, candies, and desserts. This beautifully decorated shop had an air of sophisticated elegance... There was a very Parisian vibe to the setup and style the owner's had created.
 After taking in the setting, I had just one choice left: which chocolaty treat would I try? I decided to go a slightly different route, opting for a raspberry macaron.It was the first macaron I had ever had, and the next macaron has a lot to live up to because of it!

 The treat had a light, airy texture with a creamy raspberry center. Needless to say... I was transported straight to Heaven at first bite! So, to anyone finding themselves perusing the streets of Virginia Highlands, make sure you eventually find yourselves inside the four walls of Cacao!

Josie Maran Skin Balm... A Refreshing Must-Have!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to show you a new product that I'm loving as of this moment! This little gem should be on any girl's "must-have" list this season. It's the Josie Maran Skin Balm. The majority of Josie Maran's products are rich in healthy minerals and antioxidants, so it should come as no surprise that this balm falls into that same category. It contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, but the main ingredient is argan oil. This oil is well known as a great anti-aging substance for the skin. The aroma of the skin balm is irresistibly delicious; you can really partake in the mintiness of the tea tree as it is mixed with the argan oil for a scent so refreshing you will find yourself hooked.  The only con I can give to this product is the pricing... It is roughly $20 per stick, but I guarantee you will not regret the investment. The different colors I have here are some of  my favorite shades of the Josie Maran Skin balm sticks; I trust that there should be something for every girl to enjoy!

Manicure Monday: Irreplaceable Red

For years I've been a huge fan of NYC (New York Colors) nail polishes; it so happens that the first nail polish I ever got was NYC brand! Today's Manicure Monday is a classic go-to color... A beautiful, elegant red that I have worn for almost seven years now. The polish is a dark, sexy shade of red with almost a tint of black to add some extra luster. This nail polish staple has kept a place in my collection for a long time, and will continue to do so for years to come... You just can't beat that irreplaceable shade of red!