Wednesday With Tammy

Today could not have been a better day! First, I started with a lunch date with my lovely girlfriend, Tammy. I had long list of things I needed to get done, and who better to join me than her? We decided we wanted sushi, since there's never a bad time for sushi! We even shared a dessert, our fave, creme brulee. After a nice lunch, we headed to Phipps to walk off our calories with a lil' window shopping. I like to call it my "Phipness Routine!" 

I'm working on a new project this summer for a client of mine, where my job consists of putting together a dream closet for her. When furniture and organization are the problems, IKEA's gonna solve them. Tammy was the perfect assistant today; she helped me pick out some pieces, and took a lot of pictures for me too so I could track my finds. Thanks Tammy, love ya tons girl!!!We're over the hump this week, and I feel refreshed knowing I took strides towards a greater goal. There's still a ways to go, but the week is only half over...

How to Organize Your Necklaces

 I'm a huge sucker for statement necklaces, and I'll admit that I do have  a little addiction prob! I started collecting necklaces as a little girl, a trend that has continued into my adult life. My very first necklace was given to me by my grandmother; they were classic pearls, and I will forever cherish them. 

I used to store them in small containers, until I realized how easily they got knotted up. Every time I wanted to wear a statement necklace, I would have to de-knot it before I could even imagine using it. After going through countless jewelry holders (that never seemed to quite fit my needs) I decided come up with another plan for storing them. Looking through Pinterest, I gathered some inspiration on how to make an organizer that was both aesthetically nice and budget friendly. 

Off to target I went with my handy shopping list in tow... After getting what I needed, I am FINALLY happy with my necklace situation! All you need is a towel rod and some shower curtain hangers, which can all be bought for less than $20 total. Here is the result of my necklace organizing extravaganza!!! 

When you want to put an outfit together just simply take your necklace off the rack and put it on the hanger and vola!  Nice and neat :) 

Manicure Monday: Bubble Bath

I've been wearing this polish like crazy over the past two weeks! I can't tell you how much I adore this pretty, little pale-pink shade. For this week's "Manicure Monday," I had to share this new nail polish with y'all called "Bubble Bath" (by OPI). The name alone just says it all! It's a classic look that I think every girl should keep in their nail polish collection. It goes well with any outfit, and I should mention it's a top-seller amongst celebrities. 'Til next time, happy Monday everyone! Go give your nails a "Bubble Bath," and find yourself looking both refreshed and gorgeous!

Weekly Wrap Up

It has been a very busy week, and a busy weekend at that matter! I don't even know where to begin... Let's start from this past Sunday. I got invited to go to a jewelry party that one of my lovely friends was hosting. It was a fun day spent sipping on mimosas while looking at sparkly jewels; it was also a time to mingle with the other beautiful ladies there as well. I found a few very beautiful pieces that I fell instantly in love with! Following are some of pics that I took when I was there. Hillary did an excellent job explaining all of the pieces, and if y'all want to see more pieces you can click on this link to visit her company's site at

 I went for a lovely lunch on Saturday to the city of Decatur, more specifically to a wonderful restaurant known as The Raging Burrito. They have an amazing menu featuring Baja fish tacos that were to die for. Add in a little guacamole and chips, and the meal was perfection!

It was also my bestie's birthday weekend!!! It's been 5 years since we first met in college, and our first convo started all because of her pretty little purse; it was Chanel, what more can I say. I can't believe time has flown by so fast... She turned the big 23 this weekend, and we celebrated her b-day at a wonderful restaurant called Twist. The evening was filled with delicious sushi and delectable martini's, making for an amazing time.

This week also saw me trying out a new shampoo, (I know very random), but this stuff made my hair noticeably shiner and  healthier-looking. Mmmm, the smell of Macadamia oil is simply delightful! Thanks boss lady for introducing me to this stuff :)

Finally, to wrap this beautiful weekend up, I enjoyed a nice hike at the park. There's nothing quite like wrapping up my long week with some good old mother nature! Hope y'all have a wonderful week!