Wishful Wednesday: Airbrush System

       Happy Hump Day everyone! Welcome to a new segment on Catoura; I introduce to you Wishful Wednesdays! This segment is basically things I want in the future, or things I happen to be randomly day-dreaming about. We've all had those moments where we are window-shopping, and that item we'd just die to own; maybe it's that new Prada bag or,like today's item, an airbrush machine. Every time I start to apply layers of makeup, I always say to myself that I wish I had an airbrush kit! How convenient and awesome would that be? This particular airbrush kit is by Belletto Studio. If you're interested in purchasing this beauty for yourself, it's actually on sale for $150 (I know it's still pricey, but it was originally valued at $380...Yikes). The great thing about it is that it's travel friendly too! What are some items your wishful for lately? 

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